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Sitima Inn Hotel Accomodation
The Hotel at the lakeshore where the Ilala ferry docks (two km from Nkhotakota Boma) The Hotel offers luxury rooms with air conditioning a restaurant and a roof terrace bar.
Lake Malawi Activities
Some of Malawi's best attractions are on Lake Malawi. Activities like snorkeling, diving, boat riding, sailing, water skiing, camping, trips and more.
Sitima Inn Reservations
Contact details and online reservations for the Sitima Inn Hotel.

The inn was built in the 1960s out of old shipping boat materials. The historical building, with it`s unique design in the shape of a steam ship(maze like inside) that had car doors for windows and other bizarre objects incorporated into the architecture. Designed by a local politician who wanted it to look like one of the old steamers that crossed Lake Malawi, is an excellent example of naive architecture.

Sitima Inn Hotel is located at the lakeshore and is situated 2km from Nkotakota Boma.

Sitima Inn Hotel has luxury rooms with air conditioning, a restaurant and nice roof terrace bar.

The Ilala ferry also docks there on its way to the magical Likoma Islands.

Sitima Inn Hotel, is known as the Hidden Jewel of Nkhotakota.

Sitima Inn Hotel
Esther & Sieg Wichmann 

Nkotakota, Malawi
Cell: +265999260005

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